Trollied – Series 5

Director:      Jonathon Gershfield and Sarah O’Gorman

Producer:    Nick Goding

The entire series; episodes 1 to 8 and the Christmas Special

Agatha 01

Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death – Pilot

Director:      Geoff Sax

Producer:    Matthew Mulot

Agatha gives up her successful London life for the idyllic Cotswolds but inadvertently becomes a suspect in a murder case after entering the local quiche contest.


Mr Selfridge – Season 3

Director:      Rob Evans

Producer:    Dominic Barlow

Episodes 1,2 & 3:  Harry embarks on a series of reckless expansions which leaves the business vulnerable to an old foe.

Vera – Season 4

Director:      Daikin Marsh

Producer:    Margaret Mitchell

Protected: Stanhope and Ashworth are on the case when a body is found on the beach at Whitley Bay.

George Gently 04

George Gently – Season 6

Director:      Ben Bolt

Producer:    Matthew Bird

Season Finale, Gently Going Under: A suspicious death in the mine reveals the fault lines in a community riven with politics and suspicion.


Trollied – Series 3

Director:      Jonathan Gershfield

Producer:    Nick Goding

Episodes 10,11,12 & 13

Gavin fails to turn up for work so Julie becomes temporary Manager.

It's time for Colin's and Lisa's stag and hen dos.

Julie is concerned about the fall in sales since the 'Valco Better' refit.

The judges for the Supermarket Awards are about to turn up, but Richard has a plan


Director:      James Strong

Producer:    Richard Stokes

Episode 6: The town turns out for Jack’s funeral and suspicion falls on the Vicar and Susan Wright. Chasing a suspect, Hardy collapses, close to death.

The Paradise

Director:      Sue Tulley

Producer:    Simon Lewis

Episode 4:   Miss Audrey develops a mysterious illness. Her absence creates a vacancy for a temporary Head of Ladieswear, and Moray appoints Denise.


Trollied – Series 2

Director:      Jonathan Gershfield

Producer:     Rachel Salter

Episodes 6,7,8 & 9

Julie is on the receiving end of the staff's unhappiness over Leighton being fired.

Leighton is delighted to be back at work, but Lorraine isn't quite as pleased. 

Gavin and Lorraine argue on the shop floor leading to Lorraine’s resignation.

When a scheduled fire drill doesn't go to plan, Gavin realises how much he needs Julie.


Wolfblood - Series 1

Director:        Declan O’Dwyer

Producer :      Foz Allen

Occam’s Razor: Maddy first transformation happens on a trip to Lindisfarne.

Maddy Cool: Maddy transforms her human appearance to attract the class hunk.

Dark Moon: Maddy and Rhydian’s secret is almost revealed by a blood sample.

Wolfsbane: given the drug for a cold, Maddy starts to transform at a sleepover.

Law & Order UK – Season 6

Directors:      Andy Goddard & David O’Neil

Producer:      Richard Stokes

Episodes 1,5 & 7:

Survivor's Guilt: New partner Sam Casey joins a grieving Ronnie to find out who killed Matt.

Fault Lines: Sam starts an affair with the victim of an assault, only to find she is not all she seems.

Trial: When janitor an old man is killed by a letter bomb early suspicions are off a race crime until Sam and Ronnie discover he was blackmailer.


Strike Back - Project Dawn

Director:      Paul Wilmshurst

Producer:    Sue De Beauvoir

Episode 7: Stonebridge and Scott set off for Kosovo to exchange a terrorist for U.N. hostages, while pursuing a rogue MI6 agent.

Silent Witness - Season 14

Director:      James Strong

Producer:    Richard Burrell

The Prodigal: following a multiple shooting at the Dutch Embassy, the ambassador’s daughter claims the killer was her long lost brother.


Law & Order UK – Season 5

Directors:      Matt King & Andy Goddard

Exec Prod:    Andrew Woodhead

Crush: a prostitute is stabbed to death with four thousand pounds under her mattress.

Deal: a woman is shot dead by a “child” runner for a local drug baron, but after the verdict one of the law and order team falls victim to revenge.


Silent Witness - Shadows

Director:      Farren Blackburn

Producer:    Ruth Kenley-Letts

Shadows: The team attend the apparent suicide of a university student when a gunman goes on the rampage. Nikki and Harry are trapped with students.


Survivors - Season 2

Director:      Farren Blackburn

Producer:    Hugh Warren

Episode 5: the group encounter an idylic commune, but a mutant strain of the virus kills Sarah, while Greg finds an airfield used to ferry out plague survivors.

Season finale: Abby discovers she and her son, Peter, are immune to the virus, which was inadvertently created by the mysterious Landry.


Law & Order UK – Season 4

Directors:      Robbie Del Maestro, Paul Wilmshurst & James Strong

Producer:      Richard Stokes

Denial: a well-known high court judge is shot, the evidence points to her husband, but she insists she will testify on his behalf.

Shaken: the death of a four month old baby seems to be cot death , but the pathologist finds injuries consistent shaken baby syndrome.

Help: a former professional footballer is murdered. It becomes more than violent theft when it’s discovered he was a big gambler who owed millions.


Law & Order UK – Season 3

Law & Order UK – Season 3

Directors:      James Strong & Hettie Macdonald

Exec Prod:    Andrew Woodhead

Confession: Matt takes it badly when his old friend and fellow cop, apparently commits suicide, plagued by nightmares of his past.

Masquerade: a student is stabbed to death, and the team have to deal with counter-allegations of murder and rape.


Waterloo Road - Series 4

Director:      Keith Boak

Producer:    Sharon Hughff

Episode 19: A fundraising day goes badly wrong when a mystery illness strikes the school, and Kim must confront her past.

Season finale: the last day of term, and it’s the final of the choir competition, but a vengeful parent threatens the school.


Silent Witness - Season 12

Silent Witness - Season 12

Director:      Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer:    George Ormond

Judgement: Harry Cunningham investigates the deaths of two young Orthodox Jews yet the forensic evidence points to the Hassidic community itself.


Merlin - Season 1

Director:      Ed Fraiman

Producer:    Julian Murphy

The Poisoned Chalice: Nimueh plans to poison Arthur. Merlin drinks the potion instead and Arthur has to brave fearsome monsters to bring back an antidote.


Hotel Babylon – Series 3

Director:      Julian Simpson

Producer:    Christopher Aird

Episodes 1,2 & 3:

Anna is in heaven when a fashion show is held at Hotel Babylon.

It’s Valentine's night, but the restaurant has received a damning review.

Emily causes chaos at the hen night and wedding of a tycoon’s daughter.


Confessions of a Diary Secretary

Director:      Andy Wilson

Producer:    Lucy Robinson

The story of the two-year fling between the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, and his diary secretary Tracey Temple; the political scandal of 2006.


Hotel Babylon – Series 2

Director:      Andy Wilson

Producer:    Christopher Aird

Episodes 1,2 & 3.

A prominent MP is forced to hide following her husband’s affair.

A Premiership football team upset the staff, who plan revenge.

Glamour arrives in the shape of a fabulous Viennese Charity Masked Ball.

Wire in the Blood - Season 5

Director:      Peter Hoar

Producer:    Phil Leach

The Colour of Amber: an 11-year old girl is dragged into a car kicking and screaming,  but Tony Hill is not convinced this is an abduction by a stranger.

Anything You Can Do: Tony Hill profiles the killer in a series of murders, but wonders if there could be two killers.


Wire in the Blood - Season 4

Wire in the Blood - Season 4

Director:      Andy Goddard

Producer:    Phil Leach

Time to Murder and Create: a number of young women are murdered,  lured to their deaths through a sado-masochistic Internet site .


Sea of Souls – Season 3

Director:      Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer:    Steven Garwood

Insiders: after a séance to contact his dead child goes horribly wrong, Angus Jenson fears he may be possessed by an evil spirit.

The Newsroom: Justine and Craig are hired to expose a hoax haunting at a trendy hotel - but quickly discover the sinister events in question are all too real.


The Hotel in Amsterdam

Director:     Julian Jarrold

Producer:   Richard Fell

Six actors escape their bullying director, whose haunting absence (like Beckett's Godot) highlights the fragility of their relationships.


The Murder Room

Director:      Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer:    Richard Broke

The Murder Room is a museum exhibit of notorious murders. When a trustee dies in a copycat crime, is someone seeking to right an ancient wrong?


Jericho - To Murder and Create

Director:      Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer:    Cameron McAllister

Robert Lyndsey plays a 1950’s cop investigating the killing of a scientist who has been targeted by anti-nuclear campaigners.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Season 4

Directors:      Nigel Douglas & Julian Simpson

Producer:      Christopher Aird

In the Guise of Death: a man is found hanging in his barn which reveals shady deals involving racehorses, and smugglers operating along the Cornish coast.

Word of God: An illegal Jordanian immigrant is found strangled in a meat locker with a page from the priceless "Golden Koran" is found on his person.

Elmina's Kitchen

Director:      Angus Jackson

Producer:    Sally Stokes

Deli is trying to build his restaurant and takeaway business despite the patronage of a local Yardy, whom his son idolises.


Messiah III – The Promise

Director:      David Drury

Producer:    Sanne Wohlenberg

As a prison riot erupts into violence, Red has to face the ring leader: a man who once held him hostage and nearly drove him mad.


Keen Eddie – 2 episodes

Directors:      Bryan Spicer & Paul Schapiro

Exec Prod:    Simon West

A wisecracking N.Y. cop with no respect for authority finds himself a fish out of water when he ends up being assigned to a police precinct in the U.K.


Pulling Moves – 5 episodes

Director:      Brian Kirk

Producer:    Grainne Marmion

Four Belfast lads seek gainful employment while a fifth continually breaks the law in ways that always gets the boys deeper and deeper in trouble.


Holby City – various episodes

The everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who in the frenetic cardiac unit of Holby City General Hospital.

The Bill - various episodes

Episodes follow uniform officers and detectives from an inner London police station as they enforce law and order on a day to day basis.

Monarch of the Glen – Series 2 & 3

Portraying the transition of a once aristocratic, landed-gentry family into modern times, replete with the struggle to keep a majestic, ancient and beautiful castle afloat and functioning in a modern, capitalist world.            © tim marchant 2014