The Murder Room

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer: Richard Broke

The Murder Room is a museum exhibit of notorious murders. When a trustee dies in a copycat crime, is someone seeking to right an ancient wrong?

Jericho - To Murder and Create

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer: Cameron McAllister

Robert Lyndsey plays a 1950’s cop investigating the killing of a scientist who has been targeted by anti-nuclear campaigners.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Season 4

Directors: Nigel Douglas & Julian Simpson

Producer: Christopher Aird

In the Guise of Death: a man is found hanging in his barn which reveals shady deals involving racehorses, and smugglers operating along the Cornish coast.

Word of God: An illegal Jordanian immigrant is found strangled in a meat locker with a page from the priceless "Golden Koran" is found on his person.

Elmina's Kitchen

Director: Angus Jackson

Producer: Sally Stokes

Deli is trying to build his restaurant and takeaway business despite the patronage of a local Yardy, whom his son idolises.

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