Wire in the Blood - Season 4

Wire in the Blood - Season 4

Director: † † †Andy Goddard

Producer: † †Phil Leach

Time to Murder and Create: a number of young women are murdered,† lured to their deaths through a sado-masochistic Internet site .

Sea of Souls – Season 3

Director: † † †Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer: † †Steven Garwood

Insiders: after a sťance to contact his dead child goes horribly wrong, Angus Jenson fears he may be possessed by an evil spirit.

The Newsroom: Justine and Craig are hired to expose a hoax haunting at a trendy hotel - but quickly discover the sinister events in question are all too real.

The Hotel in Amsterdam

Director: † † Julian Jarrold

Producer: † Richard Fell

Six actors escape their bullying director, whose haunting absence (like Beckett's Godot) highlights the fragility of their relationships.

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