Confessions of a Diary Secretary

Director: Andy Wilson

Producer: Lucy Robinson

The story of the two-year fling between the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, and his diary secretary Tracey Temple; the political scandal of 2006.

Hotel Babylon – Series 2

Director: Andy Wilson

Producer: Christopher Aird

Episodes 1,2 & 3.

A prominent MP is forced to hide following her husband’s affair.

A Premiership football team upset the staff, who plan revenge.

Glamour arrives in the shape of a fabulous Viennese Charity Masked Ball.

Wire in the Blood - Season 5

Director: Peter Hoar

Producer: Phil Leach

The Colour of Amber: an 11-year old girl is dragged into a car kicking and screaming, but Tony Hill is not convinced this is an abduction by a stranger.

Anything You Can Do: Tony Hill profiles the killer in a series of murders, but wonders if there could be two killers.

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