Silent Witness - Season 12

Silent Witness - Season 12

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence

Producer: George Ormond

Judgement: Harry Cunningham investigates the deaths of two young Orthodox Jews yet the forensic evidence points to the Hassidic community itself.

Merlin - Season 1

Director: Ed Fraiman

Producer: Julian Murphy

The Poisoned Chalice: Nimueh plans to poison Arthur. Merlin drinks the potion instead and Arthur has to brave fearsome monsters to bring back an antidote.

Hotel Babylon – Series 3

Director: Julian Simpson

Producer: Christopher Aird

Episodes 1,2 & 3:

Anna is in heaven when a fashion show is held at Hotel Babylon.

It’s Valentine's night, but the restaurant has received a damning review.

Emily causes chaos at the hen night and wedding of a tycoon’s daughter.

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