Silent Witness - Shadows

Director: Farren Blackburn

Producer: Ruth Kenley-Letts

Shadows: The team attend the apparent suicide of a university student when a gunman goes on the rampage. Nikki and Harry are trapped with students.

Survivors - Season 2

Director: Farren Blackburn

Producer: Hugh Warren

Episode 5: the group encounter an idylic commune, but a mutant strain of the virus kills Sarah, while Greg finds an airfield used to ferry out plague survivors.

Season finale: Abby discovers she and her son, Peter, are immune to the virus, which was inadvertently created by the mysterious Landry.

Law & Order UK – Season 4

Directors: Robbie Del Maestro, Paul Wilmshurst & James Strong

Producer: Richard Stokes

Denial: a well-known high court judge is shot, the evidence points to her husband, but she insists she will testify on his behalf.

Shaken: the death of a four month old baby seems to be cot death , but the pathologist finds injuries consistent shaken baby syndrome.

Help: a former professional footballer is murdered. It becomes more than violent theft when it’s discovered he was a big gambler who owed millions.

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