Trollied – Series 2

Director: Jonathan Gershfield

Producer:Rachel Salter

Episodes 6,7,8 & 9

Julie is on the receiving end of the staff's unhappiness over Leighton being fired.

Leighton is delighted to be back at work, but Lorraine isn't quite as pleased.

Gavin and Lorraine argue on the shop floor leading to Lorraine’s resignation.

When a scheduled fire drill doesn't go to plan, Gavin realises how much he needs Julie.

Wolfblood - Series 1

Director:Declan O’Dwyer

Producer : Foz Allen

Occam’s Razor: Maddy first transformation happens on a trip to Lindisfarne.

Maddy Cool: Maddy transforms her human appearance to attract the class hunk.

Dark Moon: Maddy and Rhydian’s secret is almost revealed by a blood sample.

Wolfsbane: given the drug for a cold, Maddy starts to transform at a sleepover.

Law & Order UK – Season 6

Directors: Andy Goddard & David O’Neil

Producer: Richard Stokes

Episodes 1,5 & 7:

Survivor's Guilt: New partner Sam Casey joins a grieving Ronnie to find out who killed Matt.

Fault Lines: Sam starts an affair with the victim of an assault, only to find she is not all she seems.

Trial: When janitor an old man is killed by a letter bomb early suspicions are off a race crime until Sam and Ronnie discover he was blackmailer.

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