In 2011 Tim successfully graduated from the MA in Screenwriting at the University of Central London, which added to his two BA Honours degrees in Business Studies and Acting.

Prior to that he had adapted Chekhov’s The Duel and Kleist’s Der Zerbrochne Krug (The Broken Jug) for theatre productions at The Studio, Lyric Hammersmith and Riverside Studios respectively.

Since graduatingTim has developed a number of writing projects.


Written and developed with Jonathan Gershfield, this is the tale of female detective trying to solve the grizzly murder of a young Cambridge student burned to death.

Its a career defining case which puts her at a crossroads, professionally andpersonally, as she struggles to save her crumbling marriage. Yet, as the case ranges from the windswept Fens to the musty corridors of the University Colleges, via the terrorist atrocities of Boko Harem, each new revelation threatens to expose the dark secret buried in our detective’s past.

The first episode and full series and character bible has been applauded by several production companies, development continues to try and bring it to a commission.

Deep Clean

This is a darkly comic tale about a family run cleaning business with a secret. You see Hoskins is a true all service company providing commercial, domestic and organised crime cleaning services. Business is good and the family have decamped to Epping Forest, but every time they think they’ve got out, their East End tiespull them back in.


A one off spec script, Embedded centres on the investigation into the death of a maverick female war reporter, who’sinfamous reporting led to a Taliban ambush in which British soldiers were killed and maimed.

Its a case thatbrings the civil authorities, and out female detective, into direct conflict with themale military world of honour, obedience and sacrifice.Raising the question, should those who operate outside the law, in pursuit of“the truth”, still expect it’s justice?

Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs is a mid-budget horror film script, where our punk heroine, Siouxsie, has to confront not only the demons that she and her group of young twenty something urban explorers uncover in an old Victorian asylum, but the horrors of her past. In particular the murder of her young brother at the hands of their deranged father. tim marchant 2014